13 Special Forces Tactics That Will Be Very Useful In Your Normal Life

Use battle techniques to improve your mind, body, and business.

Karl Erickson, a former Green Beret Sergeant Major (Retired), has shared his mental and physical tips that he learned while serving in military to help others succeed in business. These are just a few of the many tips you can use every day to become more productive, efficient, and stronger.

1. Maintain a survival mindset

The right mindset will help you avoid 90% problems. If you have the right attitude, it’s easy to make things easier. It is important to get up every morning and look in the mirror to say, “Today, I will have to defend myself.” or my family. You must start by believing that you are a survivor. “I believe” that I cannot be defeated. I won’t sit back and let my thumb do the talking. I won’t sit back and let my Creator do the same.

2. Even if the escape plan isn’t good, it’s important to have one.

“Get used to asking your self: What would you do if something happened right now? It doesn’t really matter where you are, whether you’re at the Starbucks counter or at the table at a five-star restaurant. You don’t need to have a great or appealing plan. All you need is to know what to do in the event of an unexpected turn. “I’ll bring my wife, and we’ll go to the kitchen.” A bad plan is better that no plan. You’ll be just like everyone else, waiting for the inevitable to happen.

3. People who claim to have all the answers should be avoided

Do you wonder if someone lies? Pay attention to how fast they answer the questions. Are they responding quickly and without thinking? Imagine a teenager standing before their parents. He asks, and he quickly responds without thinking. This is a clear indication that he knew the story.

4. Get up early in the morning to exercise

“In movies, it is common to see military personnel running together in the morning. It’s true. Why? It’s important to do this first thing in the AM to activate your heart. It is not only good for your body but also improves your mental awareness. It also flushes out the alcohol you drank the night before.

5. Trust your gut instincts.

“I avoid problems whenever possible. You should do the same. You don’t have to feel that things won’t go your way. This instinct has saved many lives. It is hard to count how many times we have had strange feelings, decided not go and found out later that we avoided being killed by an attack. It may not be something nine out of ten times, but the tenth time is enough to make the difference between saving your life and getting into an unpleasant situation. Trust your gut instincts.

6. Get coffee

“The military has tried every stimulant and depression in the world and found that caffeine is without any drawbacks. Caffeine has been proven to be the best choice for night watchmen and early morning missions. You can stay alert without side effects and remain alert. You will be alert and without side effects.

7. People who are skeptical of you should be trusted

“The fact that someone keeps their distance first indicates that they are thoughtful and skeptical. That’s a good thing! You should ask them why they always say ‘yes, yes and yes’. Either they are stupid, or they want to exploit you in some way. Neither option is good for you. I don’t want someone who is as distrusting of me as I am. “I am looking for a partner who is trustworthy and long-lasting.

8. Look good

Your success is dependent on how you dress and take care. You will often see soldiers neatly groomed even in combat zones. Special ops personnel may grow beards to camouflage their faces. Their uniforms and gear remain shiny.

Studies have shown that brushing your teeth regularly can increase your mood by 13%. If you feel bad about getting up each morning and know what lies ahead, it is worth taking the time to present yourself as a professional. Grooming can give you extra confidence.

9. Set up a battle rhythm

It basically involves setting goals for yourself each day. Make a list of all your goals and then create a plan for achieving them. You will begin to notice patterns if you do this every day. This is how efficiency can be achieved. You can start by setting a goal and then create a plan to reach it.

10. Don’t be late, but on time

It is easy to see the downsides of being late, but what about being too early? You might be a little anxious if you arrive early for dinner or meetings. It also indicates that you don’t have the time to sit and waste your time in business. All of this is bad.

11. Focus on the main objective and keep your eyes focused.

This is often thought to refer to moving tanks around the battlefield. I hope you remember this when you find yourself in the middle a meeting. You want your argument, just like tanks, to be focused on the end goal. Do not get distracted by secondary topics.

“People always suggest a million secondary topics in meetings.” You must not be distracted and keep your eyes on the final goal.

12. Consider that everyone will read your emails, even if you don’t want them to.

“The US military uses the most secure encryption available, but it still accepts that China reads all of its emails. Let me repeat it: The US assumes that any emails sent to the government are read by China.

“You should think in the same way. It is reasonable to assume that anyone who reads your e-mails now could one day read them. They are not going to spy on your emails, but they could also be able to see any e-mails you sent if you go to trial. You should be aware that your emails could be subject to scrutiny by the courts and the public if you are a soccer star with big plans. Even if you are innocent, it can damage your company’s reputation.

13. Your brain must stop thinking negatively

What would you do if a truck is approaching you at a speed too fast? Right? You can also change your direction if things are not going according to plan. Have fun. You don’t have to get drunk. Do not drink or use drugs. It is enough to do something that makes your mind and body focus on the task at hand. You force your mind to think of something else.

Tristram Shandy