5 Tactics To Avoid Ecommerce Abandoned Carts

In the world of e-commerce, there is one figure that always surprises: the average shopping cart abandonment rate reaches almost 90 percent. Especially those who just open an online store, and have high expectations regarding the sales they can achieve in the short term.

That’s why getting those customers who have added products to their cart to the next step is one of the biggest challenges in an online sales strategy. The solution? A brand engagement strategy, based on these five tactics that we explain below. Let’s do it!

1. Prove that the site is secure

Without this tactic, forget about any other. Think of yourself as a consumer , and the number of times you have left an online store that had very interesting products, even some that you were looking for a long time … But that seemed suspicious. How to generate trust and security among your potential clients? For starters, it publishes precise information about the company and contact information so that, if you have any questions, you can send a message or make a call. Share testimonials and positive reviews from your customers , about the quality of the products or compliance with delivery times . Of course don’t forget work on the security layers of each step of the purchase process , and show that you do it through recognized brands such as MacAfee or Norton.

2. Apply the mandatory registration for the start of a purchase

Many entrepreneurs fall into the error of believing that, by allowing products to be loaded to the cart without prior registration, they will increase the conversion rate. And the reality is that the exact opposite happens. Because when someone clicks “Buy”, and discovers that they have to create a user account, they will most likely end up leaving the store. Especially if it is the first time you visit it, and you do not plan to do more shopping. To invite registration from the beginning, offer some type of incentive, such as a discount voucher on the first operation , or free shipping without a minimum purchase amount.

3. Post clear prices

According to many studies, one of the main causes of shopping cart abandonment is when people discover that there are hidden charges in the price of a product. For example, a tax, or the cost of shipping. Be very specific about the total cost of an item from the moment a person clicks on it to learn more. If you offer installment payments, clarify if you are going to apply any interest . And if possible, offer free shipping : that will not only increase the conversion rate of the site, but also the average purchase ticket.

4. Apply the concepts of urgency and scarcity

Another highly effective tactic to prevent shopping cart abandonment is to warn your visitors that they may lose the opportunity to have your products in a matter of days, or even minutes . To apply it, you can inform that you have a limited number of items in the warehouse, that the discount you are offering will no longer be valid the next day , or directly that you are no longer going to manufacture that line of products. To get the attention of your potential customers and drive the purchase decision, you can include banners, pop-ups and a countdown clock.

5. Send personalized follow-up emails

If you applied the second tactic, then you already have the email of that user who abandoned the cart . Don’t let him go so easily, and send him a message to remind him why it is in his best interest to complete the operation . The key is that you do not receive a generic email, but a personalized email with your name, the product in which you were interested and a convincing argument to make the purchase . For example, a notice that there are few items left in stock, or a last minute discount if you have to send more than one message.

Tristram Shandy