Hey, Tristram Shandy here!

What’s it all about? You know, life, the universe, why do you work where you work, what makes you attracted to your partner and all of the stuff that you might never think about. What’s it all about? Well, maybe I’ll talk about it here.

I have a section called the way I see it. It is not only good for your body but also improves your mental awareness.

Life is too dull and boring to be too serious about it. It only makes things worse. Therefore, I’ve decided to do a mixture of interesting and boring in this blog. I figured that is a good balance. Interesting because that’s why you’re here I’m sure, but boring because I’m only human and can really help it. So, in the boring that I’ll probably be talking about business and home stuff. Well, business is something that I know a bit about but not a lot, but what I do know I will express in words and what I don’t know I’ll find out from someone who does.

No lifestyle, that will be boring, or at least I hope it won’t, because I’ll be talking about that a lot.

Anyway, why not give me a chance to share with you my take on life and where I look at things light-heartedly but also intelligently and wisely. Catch you inside the blog.

Tristram Shandy