Cool Tips On How To Clean Your Windows

In this post, I am going to let you know how you can clean your windows effectively, efficiently and cheaply.

What I Use (And This Works)

Yes, of course, in any store there are window cleaners that we can use for window cleaning, but the best way forwards is to look for value products that work but will also reduce the cost without losing effectiveness.

The most effective and inexpensive cleaners you can use to clean glass and crystal are alcohol, vinegar, and diluted dishwasher detergents. A good cleaner for dirty windows is made by mixing a cup of burning alcohol, a cup of very hot water and a cup of white vinegar. Put everything in a bottle that has a spray, and you are ready to use.

Another effective cleaner (I’ve seen it used by glass cleaners on glazed terraces) is a mixture of hot water from a common dishwasher and a splash of diluted ammonia. They used it in a bucket and another bucket with water to clarify. The foam, as the technician told me, helps lubricate the rubber and glides better. This makes the windows easier to clean.

Glass cleaning tools or rubber brushes with handles of these type of windshield wipers, can be useful, they clean large windows faster and they look better. You can find them for less than € 2 in bazaar-type stores. Dry the rubber with a cloth after each pass, this will prevent it from leaving marks on the glass.

Always have a microfiber cloth at hand, it will be useful for the edges of the windows, it is also perfect for dragging small particles stuck to the glass. You can find microfiber cloths from $2, and they are reusable since they go to the washing machine later.

Glass cleaners with magnets are effective, you will save a lot of time since in a single pass you clean the glass on both sides. You can find them in large stores or on the internet for less than $4.

Newspaper is a classic and is effective for cleaning windows but keep in mind that it must be damp and not rub too hard as it can scratch and stain the glass. Yes, Change the paper regularly to avoid getting too wet.

Also have a sponge on hand, useful if you spill water as well as rags for sheets or traveling shirts that do not leave lint.

Tips For Cleaning

Use a bucket or bucket where you can put the cleaner (the one we mentioned before based on a dishwasher, water and a little ammonia) or if you use a spray, the bucket serves to put the squeegee, scrapers or newspaper. So, you will have everything at hand.

Clean the window frames before, otherwise you will stain the glass again when cleaning the frames.

It cleans from top to bottom, when it comes to rubbing better from top to bottom. It is the best way to avoid stripes. Start at the top and then work your way down.

Do not clean the windows when it is sunny as it favors streaks and reflections on the windows when drying the cleaning product.

If the window is very dirty, first use a scraper (there are plastic ones so as not to scratch the glass) it will be very useful to loosen dirt, paint or bird droppings that have stuck to the glass.

Tristram Shandy