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How To Clean Artificial Grass

Do you know how to clean artificial grass? It is a question to take into account, because nowadays artificial grass is an excellent option to decorate and beautify our roofs, gardens and terraces. But it is also an element that allows the floor of these places to be made more comfortable. Perfect for homes where there are children and pets. However, precisely for this reason, and more so now that we need to maximize hygienic conditions due to the coronavirus, it is essential to know how to clean artificial grass.

Vacuum The Artificial Grass

Vacuuming, watering and combing the artificial grass are the basic requirements to enjoy it for a longer time, because it is a type of soil that is easy to install and is appreciated to have. But it is true that it requires good maintenance. The good news is that it is not that complicated either, you just have to know how to do it and get to it.

We will start by vacuuming our artificial grass. For this we will need to have a vacuum cleaner. Sweeping with a broom will not be as effective and can even cause the opposite effect and fill our lawn more.

You can start by sweeping, if you wish, to remove dry leaves, twigs and other elements that may have fallen on the lawn. But vacuuming through an effective system will be basic, because thanks to this we will vacuum, never better said, all the dust that remains between the filaments of the lawn, thus avoiding causing allergies and other problems due to dirt and mites. Or turn your lawn into a haven for unwanted critters.

If your lawn is laid with silica sand, don’t vacuum too hard. One thing does not imply the other, as you must aspire, but carefully. Previously, it lifted the synthetic filaments and then yes, it cleans, sweeps and vacuums well, although gently so as not to damage the lawn.

Watering The Artificial Grass

Do you think that artificial grass does not need watering? Well, you are wrong. What a bummer, right? You bought artificial grass perhaps thinking that you were saving watering and now it turns out that it is not like that. Calm! Let’s see, it is not mandatory to water the artificial grass, but it is recommended if we want to give it good maintenance and keep it fresh and looking good, as well as clean.

Irrigation is responsible for hydrating the lawn, even if it is synthetic. The fiber that makes up the lawn needs hydration. And also, watering the lawn, it will maintain the perfect temperature. Otherwise, artificial grass can get very hot and even burn our skin.

However, it is true that the water that we must give to synthetic grass is much less than what we would use if we had to water a natural or live lawn. In any case, don’t go overboard with the water either, and water the artificial grass only from time to time, because if you add a lot of water or do it frequently, it could happen that the filaments of your synthetic grass fill up with lime, and eliminate the lime is a troublesome issue.

Combing The Artificial Grass

Once we have swept, removed leaves, branches and other elements of the artificial grass, we have vacuumed it to remove dust and dirt and we have watered it to hydrate it, we have to restore its shape. And it is likely that with so much bustle, your lawn has messy strands, and you have to comb them.

Artificial grass will look increasingly ugly and unnatural if it is not well groomed and hydrated. We have already taken care of hydration through irrigation. Now, as for the hairstyle, the best thing to do is to use a stiff brush of the kind used to collect and separate the leaves. Make sure that this brush has bristles of about 12 cm and that they are synthetic. Why? Because the metal bristles would damage the lawn.

Of course, brush hard. Your brushing has to be energetic so that the lawn looks good. The objective is to lift the fibers so that the grass does not look compacted. The fibers have to face upwards.

Artificial Turf Maintenance

Artificial grass can be cleaned with soap and water, but it must be rinsed well so that no traces of soap remain. It is also advisable to dry the area, so that it does not accumulate lime or moisture.

If there are stains, a little ammonia in the water, it will work miracles. To do this, a 3% ammonia solution is sufficient. Substitute ammonia for detergent or soap to clean tough stains from artificial grass.

Now, in the case of a lawn, everything may have fallen on it. Children’s games, friends’ gatherings and lots of relaxation that can make the lawn suffer the consequences. There are many substances that may have fallen onto the lawn that are difficult to remove. But difficult does not mean impossible. Let’s see.

If by chance you have a painterly spirit and oil paint fell on your lawn, you can wash the stain with paint stripper or ink. Then add soap and water and rinse.

If nail polish is what fell out, it will come out with acetone. And in the case of you have lit candles, the wax can be cleaned with perchlorethylene, simply by wiping it with a sponge.

When we find gum stuck, the ice will work miracles. Freeze the gum with the cold of ice, and tear or cut if necessary. But next time, warn your family not to throw gum on the lawn and put out wastebaskets.

Tristram Shandy