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How To Protect Terrace Furniture From The Rain

When the cold and bad weather arrive, adding also in a special way the wind and rain, it is very important to know how we can protect the furniture that we have outside of our house. Let’s see then, a series of tips and steps to know how to protect terrace furniture from the rain in the correct way.

The best thing is that you try to store the terrace furniture as much as you can. For this, it can be good for you to have an outdoor closet or stack them in a corner and cover them with a cloth or plastic, but we can also do the following and in this way, you make sure that your terrace furniture will withstand the rain and any other inclement weather. can occur.

Protect Wooden Furniture

In the case of having terrace or garden furniture that is made of wood, you have to protect them with a special product when the bad weather arrives, or you see that the rain is coming. This is an oil product with which we have to cover each and every piece of furniture. In this way, we will be able to hydrate the wood after the effects of the sun in summer and protect it from moisture and rain.

Try to do so, before applying the product, clean the furniture with a little soap and a brush so that we can remove any remaining dirt or leaves.

When the furniture has dried, you should apply the oil-based product such as teak, which is also the same color or similar to the one that the furniture has and in this way you will achieve that they hold perfectly throughout the winter.

Cover The Furniture With A Sturdy Covering

In the event that you cannot put the terrace furniture in a specific outdoor closet for it or in a shed, you should try to cover the furniture with a covering that is a hard fabric.

This type of coverage is usually somewhat expensive, but the truth is that the investment will be worth it. Ideally, you should choose, for example, a good canvas cover, which also has a rope or rubber bands underneath so that when covering the furniture everything is well closed so that neither the wind, nor the cold, nor the rain will affect it.

In the case of not being able to buy this type of cover, we can buy a large piece of canvas, and cover the furniture and fix it with elastic cords so that they do not move at all.

On the other hand, it will also be important that we can stack the furniture all together and that we cover it well so that not even the wind affects them. In fact, it will also be good if we can place the furniture in the part of the terrace where the wind least blows.

Apply A Water Sealer

In addition to the oil-based product that we have recommended, if you live in an area where there is rain during winter, it will be good to always protect the furniture with a water sealant. This type of product (which has no color), will protect the wood of the furniture avoiding the damage that rainwater can do to it and in this way, it will prevent the furniture from flaking.

Fix The Furniture To The Floor

In the event that you cannot stack the furniture in a shed or in a corner of the terrace, consider protecting it from the rain and wind, fixing the furniture to the ground. The terraces in which the furniture must remain in the same place throughout the year. They should try to be well covered with the indicated products, as well as the canvases that we have also mentioned but also, it will be a good idea that we fix them to the ground, especially if it is made of stone, so that they do not move at all.

Disassemble The Textile From The Garden Furniture

Everything that is fabrics or textiles for terrace furniture such as chairs or benches, such as covers or fabrics, it is better that we remove them when the rainy or cold season arrives. In addition, we have to wash it well in the washing machine and the Let us dry and then store them until the spring or summer season arrives again and we can put them back on the furniture.

In the event that the textile covers are not removable, we have to cover them with the canvas that we have indicated before, but first we will have to clean them with a special product, such as a dry spray, which may be a good idea. When we have done this, it will be good if we can place that furniture with a cover in a corner or place of the terrace so that they are protected.

Protects Sofas And Loungers

In a special way, we also have to talk to you about how to protect sofas and sun loungers during the winter since it is perhaps one of the most difficult things to do because, given their size, they are difficult to transport and store. In this case, therefore, the solution to protect your terrace or garden furniture is to use canvas covers or plastic sheets.

Thanks to plastic sheets or waxed cloth, which can be bought at any DIY store, you can also cover particularly large wooden or iron structures and thus keep your outdoor furniture safe throughout the winter and especially when it rains. The plastic, in fact, protects the furniture from the wind, dust and humidity, and voila, when the summer arrives it will be enough to remove the fabric and, as if by magic, you will have a terrace or garden furniture that will be ready so that we can relax and enjoy them one more year.

Tristram Shandy