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Learn To Let Things Happen

Sometimes we get so obsessed with something that we think it is missing, and then become obsessed. This can be avoided by letting go of your obsession and waiting for the right moment. Everything happens at the right timing.

There is no need to be motivated. It doesn’t matter if you are inspired to take action. There is no need to continue reading lists and posts about the little things you already do.

It’s as if we are reading a bunch of quotes from Pinterest, and then our brains start clicking and we can take action. You have to be truthful, success, motivation, willpower, goals, productivity and all the other buzzwords is something that no one talks about. until you stop being.

Change happens when you are ready. Your ideas are put into action when you feel it is appropriate. This is how it works.

Permission to be anywhere is what I believe we need most.

We are not robots. Motivation is something you can’t get if you don’t have. There are situations that we have to go through. Sometimes, life is hard. You are the best thing about life! Do you remember life? It teaches you, and sometimes it takes the longest time to learn the most important lessons. It’s impossible to control everything.

It doesn’t matter if you get up at 5 every morning until you feel exhausted or defeated. But words, paintings, or other ideas that don’t want to produce results will not be able to do so. It doesn’t matter if you have the best intentions, but it won’t work if it isn’t. You have to give yourself permission for you to be human.

Sometimes, it’s not the right time to write a novel. Sometimes, it takes two years more of life experience before your masterpiece feels real, authentic and true to you. Sometimes it’s not possible to fall in love.

Sometimes, you may not know the next person to collaborate with. Sometimes you feel sad because it is the work that will one day build your life.

This is something we all know: our experiences cannot be controlled. We don’t act as if we do. We are determined to control and manipulate our lives, to make our creativity triumphant, to shorten the path to success by listening to others, and to deal with uncertainty and emotions as though they were linear journeys.

You cannot manipulate your life system. It’s impossible. It is impossible to control all aspects and outcomes. This allows you to surrender to the uncertainty and unpredictability that comes with something beyond our control. It is the foundation of presence: to be who you are at this moment.

We don’t live in harmony with our lives. Every minute is filled with productivity tools. We also read lists of thirty things that will best guide our natural human drive. It is easy to forget that we are who we are until it becomes something else. We are stuck in the same place until we make changes. While we can make small changes by focusing on healthy habits and living a life that promotes growth, we cannot control time. We often forget to take control of time.

Everything is black until it ends. Our happiness is largely based on the belief that life can change. We believe we have control over our lives. Our hatred and rejection of ourselves stem from our belief that we can change our circumstances.

Self-responsibility can cause us to feel resentful and bitter. It is important to do all we can to make sure that everything happens and to allow for the unexpected to happen. We must not be so attached to the outcome. Opportunities don’t always appear the way we expect.

To create the life that you desire, you don’t necessarily need more inspiration or motivation. You just need to be less embarrassed about the notion that you’re not doing your best. Listening to others in different situations and stages of their lives is not the best thing. You should stop telling yourself that you’re not doing enough. It takes time to accomplish what it needs to. It is important to learn from the mistakes you make. It is important to see that what is positive now can be a source of inspiration later. It is important to understand that your identity will be determined by where you are right now.

Sometimes we don’t have to be the person we want to be in order to fulfill our needs. Sometimes, we have to allow ourselves to grow into the place where we can make what we want.

It is just that you truly want what you want. It can be so overwhelming that it is almost impossible to attain it. Relax! Maybe your motivation isn’t the problem. It could be that you keep lifting rocks on the mountain, which only gets bigger.

It is like a magic that flows through us, and it works in a way we don’t understand. It is beyond our comprehension. It is impossible to classify. It is impossible to control. It is up to us to accept it, not to allow ourselves to fall into oblivion and let the chain move at will. This moment will one day make sense. It is possible.

You can trust it.

Tristram Shandy