Men's fashion trends for this 2022

Do you want to dress with style and comfort, but don’t know how? Parkas or coats? Shoes? Which jacket to choose? We know that it can be a bit confusing, however, we are here to guide you what are the men’s fashion trends for 2022.

Today, thanks to social networks, we can see many trendy men’s clothes around the world, but we don’t always know how we can apply them in our day to day.

The international catwalks are also the showcase that reflects what is being worn today. However, many times they seem distant, not very viable or it is simply so much information that we do not know what to do with it.

In addition, many times there is more data on looks for women and it is difficult to find data on fashion for men. We decided to find out what is in fashion this season, so here we tell you what the 2022 men’s fashion trends are:

Plaid print:

Ideal to wear, especially in these last days of winter. There is no rule or specification: this season, any square-shaped print has it.

Jackets, vests, sweatshirts, shirts, pants, coats and shirts… use them however you want. We have even seen that, in some international catwalks, the call is to mix different types of checkered patterns with each other.

If you are a fan of men’s fashion and prints, then this trend is for you. We leave you some brief indications to wear the check print:

  • Don’t think about it too much: choose pants with a pattern and a coat with a different design.
  • To start, you can wear plain pants in the color of the background of the print and a matching jacket on top.
  • Using wool scarves with squares is a good idea.
  • Small plaid shirts are trending. In addition, they are ideal for when you have to go to the office.

Oversized coats and jackets:

first thing’s first. What is oversized? In Spanish this word means “too big”. It’s the clothing that fits you like you’re wearing a couple of sizes too big for you.

It’s not like you literally have to buy huge clothes. The brands, aware of this 2022 men’s fashion trend, have designed models that are oversize, so they can be looser or longer than normal.

Some tips:

  • We recommend you look at the labels of your favorite brands, because there it is indicated if the model is oversize.
  • Returning to the coats: this season those that go from the neck to the ankles are in fashion. Whatever the material, as long as it is long, it is a style success.
  • Also, the overshirts, windbreakers and jackets that are cut larger than usual are a hit.

Wide trousers:

As we saw in the previous point, where men’s fashion 2022 points to long and large coats, in a similar manner, what he wears this season are wide pants.

Skinny jeans are a thing of the past because straight cuts or even flared cuts that are reminiscent of past times are a trend

That’s right: looks inspired by the ’70s and ’90s are hitting hard. A good idea is to check the closet of your dad, uncle or grandfather, because they will surely have more than one piece of jewelry stored and unused.

You can also pay attention to the models that your favorite stores are bringing. Just as they create oversize clothes, they are also including wide pants, with a straight or flared cut.

Denim, cotelé, cargo designs, faux leather or leather or whatever fabric and cut, dare to wear wide pants! It shows that men do dare and set trends.


The good news is that this season what is in fashion for men is the classic sneaker. If it is retro looking, much better. How nice to be comfortable and stylish!

The best thing is that they are versatile. With a suit, casual, with coats, jackets and, obviously, with sports outfits: they can be worn with all kinds of outfits.

Mainly, there are two types of sneakers that can help you put together an outfit according to men’s fashion 2022:

  • Classic sports shoes: they are those models from the ’80s and ’90s, often with high tops and that was born to carry out physical activity but today they are almost cult pieces.

Remember that everything retro is in fashion, but if you lack inspiration, we leave you some names of models that have returned with everything: Nike Air Max, Reebok Pump or some Asics design.

  • Modern sports shoes: they are those that have soles for running, only now they are also used casually. Many are classic models, but with a renewed and modern design.

We recommend you look at what’s new from Nike, Puma and Adidas.

Padded parkas:

To finish the last of winter in style, a garment that you should consider are the thick and soft parkas.

On the catwalks they can be seen in medium cuts, up to the knees and even up to the ankles. They are functional garments, but very stylish. They can also be found in all materials, some more sporty and others similar to velvet.

Don’t know how to dress them? The idea is to wear basic garments and since they are so warm, just throw a padded parka on top.

We leave you a list of some basics that you can have in your closet and with which you can combine this full fashion trend 2022 garment for men:

  • Beatles:
  • ideally in colors such as black or grey. Plus, they’re completely on-trend (for men and women) this season.
  • Slim wool vests:
  • surely you have more than one saved. Maybe you have some more spring that you can also wear in winter with one of these parkas.
  • Sweaters and shirts:
  • if you have to go to the office, on top of your shirt (you know, if it’s plaid it adds more points) you can put on a padded parka without the need for a vest or jacket in between. If yours are the sweatshirts, you can also complement them with one of these garments.
  • Sneakers or shoes:
  • We said it in the previous point. This season what they wear is sports shoes, which together with one of these parkas will give you a completely stylish look and very consistent with men’s fashion 2022.

For more formal outfits, you can wear a parka in a darker shade that matches your shoes.

Of feathers:

If you want to make sure you don’t get cold, an infallible material is feathers. So, whether in the mountains or in the city, you will be warm, but with style.

Did you write down what are the 2022 men’s fashion trends? If you have any doubts, you can review the basics for this season as many times as you want. Always remember that the important thing is that you wear clothes with which you feel comfortable and make sense to you.


Tristram Shandy