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Step By Step Guide To Cleaning A Mattress

Cleaning the mattress is essential to ensure its health, as well as ours. Note that the mattress is one of the items in the bedroom that we use the most hours, so it is not surprising that it requires a more detailed cleaning to guarantee its good condition and make sure it is an item that can be kept for as long as possible. of years. Therefore, in this article we are going to show you how to clean a mattress step by step and what items you will need to clean it.

What Do You Need To Clean A Mattress

Have you ever stopped to think that your mattress can accumulate sweat, dead cells, saliva from when you drool while sleeping, hair, dust, tears …? And we are only beginning.

The mattress ends up being one of the surfaces on which we spend the most hours, generally between 6 or 8 hours a day. To make matters worse, if we focus on the hours of sleep, they say that while we sleep the skin is renewed, so that the dead cells fall on the sheets. Also, that we can drool or we can cough while we sleep, increasing the amount of bacteria that are transferred to the mattress. Let’s add sweat or other bodily fluids, congestion, tears from yawning … Needless to say if we are talking about there are pets at home, when there is not a good habit established about ventilation in the bedroom or all those who are used to eating in bed.

For all these reasons, I imagine that you will clearly understand that the cleaning of the mattress is essential both for the health of the mattress, as for ours as well as for pure hygiene. Without good prevention, there will be no mattress that will hold you in good condition for at least five years.

One of the positive aspects of this society is that today there are countless cleaning products, including mattress cleaning, so it will be easy and convenient to find a specific and good quality cleaning product. Of course, always keep in mind that sometimes you do not need to buy any product to keep the mattress ready, if not that at home you can make your own cleaning product yourself.

A classic example is the advantages offered by baking soda to clean, surely you have heard how it is used to clean all types of surfaces, such as carpets or mattresses. In this case, all you would have to do is mix it with warm water until it forms a paste, then you apply it directly on the stains that the mattress may have, remove it with a brush and voilĂ , perfect.

If you want to remove a stain from the mattress but do not want to use baking soda, another option available is to apply white vinegar. All you would have to do is dampen a damp cloth and rub over the stain specifically.

Another of the tricks that you can use is the combination of water with lemon. If you mix both and apply it on the mattress, you can neutralize bad gold, even sweat or urine.

For other stains that tend to be more difficult to remove, such as blood, the best thing to do is to use hydrogen peroxide. You can use it directly, without mixing it with any other type of product, and directly on the stain. Finally, you rub with a cotton ball or a cloth and voila, you will see how it disappears. Of course, if it is recent, the stain will come out more easily.

If you do not have any of these products at home, you can use detergent or a neutral soap, such as lizard or chimbo. With any of the three you would have to apply it with a little water and use a cloth to clean the mattress. Finally, you would use another damp cloth to remove and dry well.

In the event that none of the products mentioned above have worked for you, you have the option of using a more aggressive product. Put on gloves and apply solvent, yes, really value the use of it because it can damage the mattress.

How To Clean The Mattress Step By Step

After reading everything that we can accumulate on the mattress without being aware of it, I imagine that you will agree with me that it is important and necessary that you get into the routine of cleaning your mattress. To do this, we are going to tell you how you have to do it step by step.

The first step in cleaning your mattress is to remove the dust from it.

When we talk about removing dust, we refer to removing all the mites and, for this, the best thing you can use is a good vacuum cleaner that will allow you a fast, effective result and with all the comforts in the world. To use it on the mattress you don’t have to exert special pressure or anything like that, just vacuum.

If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, you can use an upholstery brush.

Another option, that of a lifetime and anywhere, you place the mattress on its side, and you just have to pat it and you will see that the dust and everything that may have accumulated on the surface is falling.

Next, it will be time to work on the spots you see. Choose one of the products that we have mentioned above. If it is simply a matter of soft stains, what you can do is use a little water and neutral soap. If you want to promote disinfection, then use hydrogen peroxide that will also allow you to eliminate yellow stains and reduce odors. You just have to rub with a cloth on the stains until you see that they disappear and, finally, remove everything with a cloth dampened with water until the soap disappears. Be careful not to overdo it with the water so that it is not excessively moistened.

The next step will be to dry the mattress, an important step to avoid any moisture. In the event that you have the possibility of leaving it in the sun, it will be an ideal option, but then you can let it dry little by little in the air or apply the heat of a hair dryer.

Finally, once you have it dry, it will be time to vacuum it again so that you can remove any remains that may have remained and leave it as new.

In the event that you see that there is a stain that has resisted, you will have to repeat the cleaning process, choosing one of the products that we have indicated before and applying it as we have mentioned. Then it would be to continue with the product withdrawal and drying.

Tristram Shandy