The Best Ways And Ideas To Recycle Our Phones And Tablets

If you have a mobile or tablet that you have not used for a long time, or it has broken or some of its functions are not working as they should, what do you do with it? Do you throw it away? Probably! However, you should know that mobile devices that are thrown away as garbage are quite polluting and do not help the environment at all, so I want to offer you now the best ways and ideas to recycle your phones and tablets.

The Best Ways And Ideas To Recycle Our Phones And Tablets

In the same way that we can resort to all kinds of crafts with recycled elements, and even games for children with which to learn to recycle, mobile phones and tablets can be our next objective when it comes to making something with them once we stop using them. thus avoiding that they end up in the garbage.

In this way , we can dedicate ourselves to creative recycling and make our mobile become, for example, an ornament for the Christmas tree, it will be enough to stick a ring on it or something that allows a little thread to pass in order to hang the previously painted mobile and decorated with Christmas colors and motifs, but when it comes to mobile devices, many of the ideas that are usually suggested is to give them a “second life” even if we no longer use them as our main mobile.

Unfortunately, we live in a society in which a lot of value is placed on always having “the latest of the latest” and when it comes to smartphones and tablets it is very common to change devices every year or every two-three years, when the mobile we have still works. For this reason, we have come up with some very effective and original ways and ideas to recycle our phones and tablets . These are:

Turn Your Mobile Or Tablet Into A Surveillance Camera

If you no longer use your mobile or tablet for the usual functions of these, you can download an application called IP Webcam from Google Play (although you have others that are similar) and with it, turn your device into a watchful eye of everything that happens In the home. You only need to guarantee a Wi-Fi connection network and that the device has a good camera so that it can record every movement in real time, taking photos and recording videos.

Transform The Device Into A Hotspot Or Portable Modem

With the use of a SIM card we can transform the phone into a portable modem. All offers now include free sharing. Why not use it in case of problems with the domestic line?

Turn Your Mobile Or Tablet Into A Game Console

If the hardware allows it, the device can become a console to play various video games, although of course, in order to use the mobile or tablet in this sense you will have to download specific applications for it and also use an emulator that allows you to operate the device as if it were a console. Once this is done, you will have to download the games that you will load on your mobile or tablet in order to finally start playing.

Make Your Mobile Or Tablet Become A Digital Photo Frame

A tablet or mobile phone with a large screen can make a great innovative photo frame. Synchronize content with Google Photos and create your own slideshows.

Recycle Your Device Like A Kindle

Another idea that we have come up with to recycle our smartphone or tablet is to use it as an electronic book or ebook. For this, a screen with at least 6 inches diagonal is recommended . Applications like Amazon Kindle are useful for creating your own digital library and keeping it with you at all times.

Use Your Mobile As A Car Gps

Another option is to keep your mobile so that it becomes the car’s GPS in case it does not have it integrated and in such a way that it is not necessary to use the new mobile that you have bought. You just have to make sure that the GPS of the old mobile works well (then it must have an internet connection) or look for a GPS application that you can install and use when you are driving on the road.

Use Your Mobile Or Tablet As A Multimedia Dashboard For The Car

In addition to being a GPS, this is another modern solution to be able to recycle your mobile or tablet and use it in the car. Apps like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay turn an old phone into a powerful mobile command center for outdoor activities. You just need a car phone holder and that’s it.

Recycle Your Mobile Or Tablet As A Kitchen Assistant

A smartphone or tablet in the kitchen can help you with various tasks. Valid as a timer to set cooking times or even as a recipe book thanks to numerous creative applications. Plus, with the use of voice commands, you won’t have to lift a finger. You can even take advantage of the music player that you have installed on the device to set the mood while cooking or you can even use it as a music speaker for the whole house.

Use Your Mobile To Make Emergency Calls

Even without a SIM, an old phone allows you to make emergency calls . In cases of dire need, it could save your life.

Turn Your Mobile Or Tablet Into An Audio Player

As we have already advanced before, if the device is equipped with an excellent audio DAC, your old phone can become a player of files of any type and quality. Plug in a pair of headphones and take it with you to the sea, to the mountains or during a run. And at home, you can do the same with an old tablet.

Recycle Your Mobile Like A Wallet

Finally, it occurs to us to transform the mobile into a wallet even if you have a device that no longer works .

To do this, you have to disassemble the phone and remove all the parts it contains. You only want the outer shell, nothing else . In which you can put any bill or card as in the photo above or also, you can empty a mobile with a lid and make it become the children’s money box.

Tristram Shandy