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Tips And Tricks To Set Up A Home Office Fast And Easy

Setting up a home office, quickly and easily, is not an impossible task and we are going to tell you how to achieve it without having to break your head trying. To do this, we are going to give you some basic ideas and keys so that it takes a very little time to get an ideal space to work, concentrate and that you can customize it to your liking to get a cozy place, where spending hours is not an ordeal.

Teleworking is the order of the day, either because more and more companies implement this type of remote work as well as other more extraordinary situations such as the one, we are currently experiencing, with the coronavirus pandemic. For this reason, we want to show you how to set up a home office quickly and without the need for work.

Choosing The Right Office Site

The best room to establish an office is the one with a room that is free and where you will not be interrupted. In cases where this is impossible, find a place in the house where you can be alone as many hours as possible, and the hustle and bustle of family life is not excessively interrupted.

Some important characteristics are: a quieter area of ??the house, which has natural lighting and ventilation, better if it does not face an internal patio or an area with kitchen smells.

Choice Of Furniture

If we are talking about a transitional office, that is, where you are only going to be 15 days, it may not be worth it to make an investment in terms of the furniture of the room; What does not mean that you do it by opting for second-hand stores where you can find specific office furniture, with an ergonomic design that improves your posture and for very little money.

If you can invest money in creating your office, you will have to buy a desk table, an ergonomic chair and a flexo.


The desk table has to be proportional to the level of space you need. Having a laptop is not the same as working with a double screen and needing table space for documentation. In turn, it will be important to take into account the height of the table or choose a table that is adjustable in height to suit the physical needs of each one.

Another element that is usually essential for a good office table is that it has a chest of drawers or enough space to be able to include a separate chest of drawers of your choice. A pleasant office space has to be able to allow you to have everything organized and classified, so that you do not spend hours looking for what you need but that you find it at the moment.

Ergonomic Chair

As for the chair, we always recommend that you invest in an ergonomic desk chair that allows you to maintain a good posture on your back, neck and the rest of the body. The rest of the chairs that are not specific for this space are not designed for you to spend infinite hours in them, so they will not offer you the healthiest measures for your health.

An important aspect of the ergonomic chair is that it has to be adjustable and adjustable at different levels so that you can customize it based on your height and the height of the table. It may be interesting that it has armrests, to rest the shoulder area and that the body is not in constant tension. At the same time, breathable and padding is important so that it is firm, well accommodates the weight of the back and is a stress relief zone.

Natural And Artificial Lighting

When creating a home office, it is essential to choose a room that has natural light, as you will see the great effect that sunlight and the possibility of ventilation have on you, your work and your mood.

For the hours when you cannot have natural lighting, it will be essential to have direct and indirect artificial light. Therefore, one of the best ways to achieve good and pleasant lighting is to have the upper ceiling light but also to add a lamp on the desk, a floor light, and so on.

The choice of artificial light is completely subjective. You can find cold, dim and colored lights (blue they say relaxes the eyes), which you will have to choose based on your taste.

Add Plants To Your Office

The power of plants is something absolutely awesome, really. Including a living being in your office can help you change the atmosphere, so that it does not seem such a cold place and you feel a little more accompanied by another living being.

You have a multitude of options regarding plants, which in addition to oxygenating the space will give it a touch of color and life. You do not need to spend a fortune, not even a euro, you can ask for a cutting and grow together.

Plugs And Extension Cords

If you need to have a plug nearby but where you have decided to locate your table (mine for example is attached to the window to see the park and the sun) you do not have, do not suffer for it and go looking for extensions at home. Connect a pair if you need it so that you can have electricity wherever you have placed yourself and fix them so that they do not move, that they do not bother you and allow you to enter your new office feeling that there is order, that you want to work there.

That is going to be the most important feeling you have to look for. Create such a pleasant space where you don’t mind spending hours, which makes it easier for you to concentrate and where you can be as effective as possible in your work environment. Therefore, do not be discouraged if you have to dedicate a few extra minutes to incorporate something every day to your office, everything that is in the search of creating a place where you are well, is nothing more than an investment.

Tristram Shandy