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Step By Step Guide To Clean The Washing Machine

If you have already acquired the washing machine symbols, the time has come for you to learn how you can clean the washing machine step by step and thus you can avoid bad odors. You will see that with these simple steps you will get your washing machine to be in great condition

Clean Every Three Months

Despite the fact that many people do not clean their washing machine, the reality is that it turns out to be one of the usual recommendations to favor its good maintenance, to avoid the appearance of bad odors due to the accumulation of dirt and germs inside and, therefore same, also for a health issue. It is best to clean it thoroughly every three months, but if you see that there are previous signs (mold, bad smell, dirt), stop and clean it, you will see what a change.

Start From The Outside

To clean the washing machine, it is as important to look outside as inside. To clean it from the outside, all you need is a damp cloth and remove any dirt that may have fallen on it, you will see that everything quickly disappears and is like new.

Clean the washing machine door, look at the opening area and the hinges as this is usually where dirt accumulates the most.

Also take the opportunity to clean the filter, as everything tends to accumulate in this place (lint, tissue residue, detergent, etc.). To remove the filter, it is important that you unplug the washing machine beforehand and have the mop handy, as water usually accumulates that will fall. Another option is to put a jar under the filter area so that the water falls into it.

Clean The Dispensers

Take the dispensers out of the washing machine and the soap bucket, you will see that it is very easy for some traces of soap or softener to remain, which could have led to traces of color, mold or other germs that are difficult for you. to see with the naked eye. So, take them out completely and wash them in the sink, emphasizing the hard-to-reach areas.

In the event that they are not removable, you just have to clean them with a cloth dampened with water and vinegar, then dry them and that’s it.

Washing Machine Rubber Bleach

The washer rubber is located inside, between the washer drum and the door. You can clean it with a cloth soaked in bleach, then wipe it with a damp cloth and you’re done. You will have it as new.

Disinfect The Wash Drum

Since the washing machine cannot be disassembled, the easiest thing is to use a program with hot water and add white vinegar, which is a great disinfectant. Can’t you see the inside dirty? It does not matter, the reality is that lime and dirt usually accumulate in this area, so it is essential that you carry out this step. If you don’t have a hot water program, you can add the hot water yourself.

Dry And Ventilate

It’s funny how many times the washing machine is closed after using it, leaving it damp and unventilated. The same when cleaning and, the reality, is that it is necessary to dry and ventilate completely so that mold does not grow. Therefore, whenever you can, leave the door open.

In the case of cleaning, it is important that you dry each of the parts that you have cleaned, in this way you will prevent mold from accumulating.

Is it uncomfortable to leave the door of the washing machine open for reasons of space? Choose to leave it open at night or when you are away from home. You will notice the difference.

Tristram Shandy